We don't "do" therapy...

“Therapy” “Counseling” these words are like taboo in many black and brown households. We just don’t “do” therapy – we suck it up, and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. We are strong and independent. We don’t need anyone in our business and we most definitely don’t need to pay them to do so!

Stigma against mental health services can scare people away from seeking out a therapist. Let’s be honest – the whole idea is a bit strange. You’re supposed to go into a room, with the door closed, and tell a complete stranger your life story? All the stories that you’ve heard about the “looney bins” and all that you’ve imagined about the “kind of people” who receive mental health services -  that’s enough to keep you away from the services that might help you most. And let’s even say that you do find yourself “on the couch,” the chances that you’ll get to meet with someone who looks like you and speaks your language are slim, right?

 Right. These feelings of fear and uncertainty are entirely legit. Yet, more and more people of color are debunking the myths about mental health and spreading awareness about the services available. Even Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington broke the mold (AGAIN) this year when they spoke out against the shame of seeing mental health professionals. 


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Therapy can be hard. We’re here to make it easier. Life is tough enough by itself, you don’t have to tough it out alone.  

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